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Redditch History Online

With the creation of the Redditch Local History Museum at 5 Market Place in the town centre, and within the museum the Redditch Historic Archives, work has begun in collecting and cataloguing artefacts representing Redditch Local History.

As this work progresses, the data collected is being used in two ways:

  • Firstly it is being used to create exhibits in the museum for visitors to enjoy
  • Secondly it is being interpreted for electronic display, both on touch screens within the museum and, where copyright restrictions allow, on-line.

This Site

This site provides the the vehicle for displaying the interpreted contents of the Redditch Archives. The information is presented in a series of Galleries, each gallery representing an area of Redditch local history.

Select Gallery

Redditch Old Town

Spapshots of Old Redditch, a small friendly town.


The “Historic Redditch” Gallery

A selection of topics each one detailing an area of Reddirch History over the last 200 years.


Redditch New Town

From 1964 to 1985 the landscape, and the lives of its residents, changed forever.

This gallery tells to story of the New Town development.


The “Redditch Industry & Commerce” Gallery

Redditch encompassed the Industrial Revolution and grew as its industry and commerce grew., This gallery highlights this aspect f the town.

However, Needles, Fish hooks and Fishing Tackle were an integral part of that development but as these are covered excellently by The Forge Mill Needle Museum we do not include them in our scope.


The “Redditch Town & Culture” Gallery

Alongside the industry and commerce of the town, the spiritual, artistic and community live in the town developed and flourished. This gallery reflects this aspect of Redditch History.


The “Redditch Memories” Gallery

We all have memories from our past. You may have been born and brought up in Redditch and have memories of your school days; your first job; what you did in your spare time; where you went shopping; a sport you played or a team you supported and probably many more topics.
Memories are what turns history into heritage and therefore it is very important that we collect and record memories from all groups of people on all topics of everyday life.


The “Redditch People” Gallery

Like any community, it is the people who best define the character of the town and this gallery looks includes those Redditch people who have made contributions to Redditch life..


The “Redditch Printed History” Gallery

The history of the town is recorded in many formats, mainly until now, printed formats. This gallery presents an index to three sources of printed history.


The “Redditch In Wartime” Gallery

In 2014, for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1, we researched the impact of the war on Redditch and its residents as depicted through local newspapers.

That research is presented in six books telling the story of the impact of WW1 on the People and Events in Redditch.

Since then we have gone on to research many more aspect of both WW1 and WW2  and that data is presented in this gallery


Audio~Visual History Gallery

The history of Redditch told in sound and pictures.


Legacy Sites

Redditch Virtual Museum

Prior to the formation of the Redditch Local History Museum, the Redditch Virtual Museum web site was created and published by members of the Redditch Local History Society. That site, which will gradually be replaced by this site, is still available by following the link below

Redditch Virtual Museum……