The Redditch Local History Museum

The Redditch Local History Museum is a registered charity formed to create and run an independent local history museum in Redditch.

It is run entirely by volunteers and relies on public donations, local business sponsorships and grants to fund its operation.

It is located in the centre of Redditch on Church Green and focuses its activities on those areas of local history not included in the scope of the National Needle Museum at Forge Mill.

The Galleries at the museum show a wide range of lostal history topics using both traditional displays and up-to-date electric signage.

The Redditch Historic Archives

As a key part of its operation it has created the Redditch HIstoric Archives. Ths facility collects, stores and interprets artefacts that represent Redditch Local History.

This site, and the complementary sites Redditch-Archives and Redditch-History are part of its offering to ensure that Redditch Local History is not lost or forgotten and is available for future generations to enjoy.

Heritage Lottery Funding

We are pleased to say we have financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund for building our archiving facility.

Why not volunteer to help us deliver this project. Visit the Volunteering page for more details.


The Redditch Local History Museum is pleased to be associated with the following organisations who offer help and support in various ways.

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