Aims and Objectives

As stated our mission statement can be summarised as:

To establish and operate a museum facility which collects, stores and presents artefacts which record and illustrate the history of Redditch and the surrounding area to as wide an audience as possible”.

Specifically, this project aims to establish a community amenity which will….

  • Present, publish and display historic artefacts and information in a manner that enables people of all ages and abilities to see, experience and learn about the history and heritage of Redditch and the surrounding area.
  • Promote increased community involvement and understanding of how Redditch has become the town it is today.
  • Ensure that as much of the history and heritage of the town survives and is protected for future generations to continue to understand, and benefit from, knowledge of the town’s history and heritage.
  • Increase the town’s visitor offering so raising the town’s profile and contributing to the town’s economy.

The Redditch Historic Archives

The museum will also house the Redditch Historic Archives which will:

  • Collect and store artefacts of all types, both physical (Objects, photographs, printed and written words etc.) and non-physical (written memories, films and audio recordings,) and store them in a safe and secure environment.
  • Translate and copy such artefacts into digital media to ensure their survival for future study and enjoyment.
  • Aspire to professional standards to support the future accreditation of the museum.