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Redditch History Online

With the creation of the Redditch Local History Museum at 5 Market Place in the town centre, and within the museum the Redditch Historic Archives, work has begun in collecting and cataloguing artefacts representing Redditch Local History.

As this work progresses, the data collected is being used in two ways:

  • Firstly it is being used to create exhibits in the museum for visitors to enjoy
  • Secondly it is being interpreted for electronic display, both on touch screens within the museum and, where copyright restrictions allow, on-line.

This section of this website will, in due course, provides the the vehicle for displaying the interpreted contents of the Redditch Archives. However, this work is still under development so most of the pages under this tab are “work-in-progress”

We apologise for this but the development of these facilities is limited by the volunteer resources we have to undertake the work

Legacy Sites

Redditch Virtual Museum

Prior to the formation of the Redditch Local History Museum, the Redditch Virtual Museum web site was created and published by members of the Redditch Local History Society. That site, which will gradually be replaced by this site, is still available by following the link below

Redditch Virtual Museum……