Redditch Library Archives

In addition to the archives in the Redditch Local History Museum, Redditch Library, just a few door down from the museum, also has both a Local History section open to the public and important local history artefacts in its archives.

Because of a shared commitment to preserving and promoting Redditch Local History, the Museum and the Library are exploring opportunities for working together to pursue this common aim.

Accessing Redditch Library Archives

The Library regularly displays interesting artefact from its archives both as static displays and as special events like it monthly “Redditch Reminiscers” meetings and Library assistants are always available to help visitors identify archive content which may interest them.

Previously, as one of the projects of the Redditch Local History Society, we started to help catalogue the library’s archives. This work is published on the touch-screen computer in the Library’s Local History section.

The museum is now working with the library volunteers to share skills and ideas to help them continue this work. It is early days in this collaboration but it is hoped that more contents will be catalogued to help visitors search for artefacts which interest them.

Visit Redditch Library

Access to the Library’s archives can be gained by visiting the library bu it is best to contact them first if you are looking for specific information.

Location 15 Market Pl, Redditch B98 8AR

Opening Hours:


Phone: 01905 822722