Outreach Volunteers Wanted

We are looking at starting two of our proposed outreach topics in the next few weeks and therefor need volunteers to help plan and action these projects.


Firstly we would like to set up facilities to collect resident memories, both written and oral. Activities to include establish the processes and mechanisms to record memories, publicity and promotion to attract residents to give the memories and facilities to record them. If we can get a group of ½ dozen volunteers together we can look at professional help and trainingto help us and possibly joint sessions with the Library.

Social Media

We have set up a presence on facebook, Instagram and a video channel on you tube. We now need to increase our postings to there platforms and need suitably experienced volunteers to help. We would especially welcome younger generations to help.

With respect to YouTube, what we are looking for volunteers to do “voice overs”. We have plans for several new local history based short films and need volunteers to read and record the scripts that will be produced for these films. If you enjoy reading, amateur dramatics or perhaps speaking in public we would very much like you help.

If you would like to volunteer or would like more details please email outreach@rlhm.online or call 07486 882181