We’re not the first, we won’t be the last

We like to think that in the Museum, we are pioneering work to save Redditch Local History, but here is a reminder we are not. We may be the latest group to have ambition to “save Redditch history”, but before us, before the Redditch Local History Society, were these guys, The Redditch Pictorial History Society.

We already have artefacts from Alan Foxall, Philip Coventry and others who led this group but these two poster popped up recently. Interestingly, not as artefacts in their own right, but merely as pieces of card which on, their plain backs, had been mounted historic photos for display purposes by members of this earlier group.

A timely reminder as the title says, we’re not the first to be doing this, there were lots of enthusiasts before us and, hopefully, we will not be the last as others will come along later.

We are looking for new blood, younger brains and more enthusiastic volunteers to take on the work we are doing today. Why not volunteer to help us if you would like to join this long list of people who believe Redditch local history is worth saving.